Morgiewicz Produce

Dan Morgiewicz: "I am part of a fourth generation produce farm on the outskirts of Goshen. I brought my two brothers with me: Joey and David, and my cousin Vince Morgiewicz, whom everybody who shopped at the market has seen this summer because he worked with us every week.

People do not see my other two brothers because besides the farmers' market we have a wholesale business. This was something we got into this year, and we think it has been very beneficial.

My view on that is that it can only get better. I saw what it did in our little town of Warwick, New York. In six or seven years it has built that Village up so much on Sunday afternoons. They have mini-carnivals, clowns, and music. It is a joyous place where everybody comes to meet, talk, catch up on things. And it was very beneficial for the community."

joefarm joesboys
Joe Morgiewicz on his beautiful Joe's sons at the 57th
onions danielanddavid
Lovely Mars onions fresh from Daniel & David Morgiewicz
Talking about flooded fields of
Michelle Morgiewicz & son.
joeonioncrate truck
Joe hauling onion crates.
Unpacking the truck for market